September 19, 2023


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Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology is delighted to announce the admission of 93 incoming students, one of the highest entering classes since the School’s founding 86 years ago.

Hellenic College welcomed an incoming class of 40 students, twice the size of last year’s, impressively increasing the total number of undergraduates to 64–almost a 50% increase. We hope for a similar surge next year since we have already received many applications. Similarly, the entering class of Holy Cross has grown by 71% when measured in terms of 53 full-time-equivalent students, leading to a total enrollment of 97–a 22% overall increase compared to last year. The twelve incoming seminarians reflect a positive trend, a 140% increase compared to last year. As a result, HCHC has experienced a remarkable growth this year with 161 students enrolling, which is a 35% increase.

President George M. Cantonis attributes this upward trend to our expanded outreach efforts on a national scale. HCHC’s Regional Representatives have participated in regional events such as Metropolis camps, clergy-laity meetings, dance festivals, and YAL gatherings. Additionally, events hosted on campus, such as the CrossRoad program for high school juniors and seniors, the OCF Summer Leadership Institute, and the new Be Attentive retreats for men interested in the vocation of the priesthood, have also attracted prospective students. Finally, in the last twelve months, Holy Cross has launched two online programs (MTS and ThM), which have attracted students who otherwise could not enroll.

President Cantonis says, “While we are very encouraged by the size of our entering classes this Fall, our goals for the next two years are higher still. We recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of our clergy and all others who refer students to our School. We remain particularly focused on growing our cohort of seminarians, both in the undergraduate College and at Holy Cross, to fulfill the critical mission to train future priests. To accomplish this mission, we need our clergy and hierarchs to help us develop and refer potential seminarian candidates. Growing the seminarian program is a responsibility that must be shared by the Church our graduates will serve.”

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, Chairman of HCHC’s Board of Trustees and a forceful advocate for the School, agrees, saying, “It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the President of Hellenic College Holy Cross, the invaluable faculty, the devoted staff, and the beloved students who serve as ambassadors of our cherished Scholi, that this crucially important institution of our Sacred Archdiocese has seen such growth and success. I am confident that, as the administration and faculty of HCHC continue their intense labors in providing a high-quality education and spiritually formative experience, even more students will be drawn to our beloved Scholi, thus strengthening our Sacred Archdiocese and global Orthodoxy.”